Kelrose Dog Training Society

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We run three classes over the course of a Monday evening.

An eight week training course is held at regular intervals throughout the year for puppies, new owners and beginners. For details of the next available course and costs, please contact us with the details on the contact page.

In the beginners course, which is from 7.00pm to 7.30pm we teach the basics, such as sit, down, stay, come and heelwork (walking nicely on a lead without pulling). The benefits of teaching your dog such things in a class environment is part of socialising your dog and also means that your dog becomes accustomed to listening to you when there are distractions such as other dogs and people around.

Once you have completed the 8 week beginners course, you have the opportunity to continue your training by building on the basics and joining the Intermediate Class, which commences at 7.30pm. This class is for slightly more experienced owners or dogs that have successfully completed the first course. In this, as in the later classes we work towards passing progress tests as well as giving people the opportunity to pass the Kennel Club Good Citizen's Dog Scheme Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold) which promote responsible dog ownership.

The Advanced classes are for our most experienced handlers who wish to train to a higher standard of obedience. We work on such things as retrieves, send aways, drop on recalls and distance control.

The obedience progress tests we carry out periodically include;

Elementary Test - heelwork on lead, 30 second sit stay, 1 minute down stay, novice recall (without a finish)

Beginners Test - heelwork on & off lead, 1 minute sit stay, 2 minute down stay, novice recall with finish, retrieve (any article)

Road Safety - heelwork on & off lead, drop on recall, 5 minute out of sight down stay

As well as our weekly training classes we also get together for regular monthly dog walks This is a great way to socialise and exercise your dog as well as giving members the opportunity to meet people and dogs from the different classes.

    Our training methods support the Guild of Dog Trainers Balanced Intelligent Dog Training ethos;

The majority of dog trainers in Great Britain are sensible, practical and highly skilled trainers who live and train in the real world. They believe in, and use, reward based training techniques. That doesn’t mean that they wave bits of chicken around desperately trying to get wayward dogs to prefer food to fulfilling their own, natural drives. Rather they use common sense training for the owner’s lifestyle and environment which means rewarding when appropriate but applying discipline when necessary. This is the same common sense that parents were applying successfully to raise well balanced children that knew how to exercise self control and be polite and well mannered members of society.

By setting out some common sense principles and guidelines, The Guild of Dog Trainers is endeavouring to ease some of the fear that is now surrounding dog training and ownership, and hopes to help dog owners (via their trainers), both new and old, bring balance to their relationship with their dog.

 As with raising children, saying ‘no’ is not necessarily a bad thing to do; it will teach your dog boundaries and keep him safe. Owning a dog should be a joy and once you establish a balanced relationship with your dog the joy of living with a contented canine becomes one of the greatest pleasures life can give.



Discipline applied appropriately removes the need for harsh handling and helps prevent thousands of dogs ending up in rescue centres when they become unmanageable. We owe it to our dogs to train them to be acceptable members of society where their behaviour is praised by others... and where they are welcomed back.


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