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Over the years Kelrose Canine Training Society has regularly held fund raising events;

We have raised money to sponsor the training of a Guide Dog puppy.

We have collected dog food, toys and blankets to support local dog rescue centres.

We have collected blankets, towels, unwanted collars and leads for our local PDSA hospital.

We have donated money to various local charities such as the RSPCA, PDSA and Dogs Trust.

We have donated money to the Methodist church where we currently hold our training classes to help with repairs to the building and we continue to support the church by helping keep the church and its grounds tidy.

We have sold keyrings, Christmas cards and calendars on behalf of Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue to help with their fundraising, as well as having an ongoing collection for any unwanted collars, leads, blankets, dog beds and dog food for this rescue organisation.

We sponsor classes at the Annual fun dog show run by Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue and cover the cost of the rosettes purchased for this annual event. We have also donated a luxury hamper full of dog toys, treats etc as a prize for the tombola. 

We have run courses for young people at Buttershaw Youth Centre to teach responsible dog ownership.

The Kennel Club has compiled details of all registered Training Clubs. To see our details on the Kennel Club site log onto and enter "Kelrose" into the search box.


As our trainers are members of the Guild of Dog Trainers, we support Balanced, Intelligent Dog Training. Below is a summary of what this means;

Balanced Intelligent Dog Training summed up by the GUILD OF DOG TRAINERS

     G - Good dog owners are responsible dog owners

     U - Understand your dog: do your dog a favour and learn about what makes him tick

     I - Intelligent balanced dog training: say no as well as yes, make training fun, have time together and time apart and most importantly enjoy your dog

     L - Leadership: every relationship has someone that leads, the same is true for our relationship with our dog; that doesn’t mean being a bully or employing harsh handling, just applying a bit of common sense leadership skills within your relationship will keep your dog safe and happy 

    D - Do spend time to train your dog the basics: loose lead walking, sit, down, come and stay, and if you want to please your vet... stand.













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